Advice for Family and Friends


Many people who develop a gambling problem do not realize it and the first to notice the behaviour is often a family member or a friend.

We can all sometimes lose a bit of betting discipline which can be brought under control by having an honest conversation with ourselves and having a commitment to become more educated on how to bet in a sustainable way.

However if someone is consistently displaying the following signs then it’s time to help that person before they develop a serious gambling addiction.

  • Uncontrolled spending habits
  • Spends significant amounts of time gambling
  • Hides or lies about gambling behaviour
  • Borrows money or steals to fund gambling
  • Gambling impacting on relationships and causing arguments
  • Withdrawal from activities with family and friends
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or events
  • Neglecting work or studies.

We recommend that you encourage the individual to contact a professional service to discuss their gambling behaviour and to seek help.

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