8 Facts About UK Gambling Industry


The UK gambling industry is one of the biggest in the world and continues to grow on a yearly basis.

Eights facts relating to the gambling industry in UK.

1) 24 million Adults Gamble

Between April 2018 & March 2019, approximately 24 million people gambled across various products such as sports, casino, bingo and lottery. 10.5 million of the 24m had gambled online. (Source: UK Gambling Commission)

2) Total Gaming Yield of £14.4 billion

Between April 2018 and March 2019, UK players lost £14.4 billion across all gambling products. £5.3 billion was generated by online operators; £3.2 billion by betting shops on the high street; £3 billion by the national lottery; £2.1 billion by casinos, arcades and bingo halls on the high street. (Source: UK Gambling Commission)

3) 2,690 Licensed Operators

As of March 2019, there were a total of 2,690 operators licenced by the Gambling Commission. Between them, those operators held remote and/or non-remote licences that entitled them to conduct 3,656 activities across several sectors including betting (20%), lottery (17%), online (17%), arcades (15%). (Source: UK Gambling Commission)

4) 102,782 People Employed In Gambling Sector

As of March 2019, 102,882 people are employed across the UK gambling industry. Almost half are work in the betting sector, 34% in casinos, arcades and bingo halls. (Source: UK Gambling Commission)

5) £3 billion In HMRC Tax Revenue

For the fiscal year 2018 – 19 Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) collected £3 billion in duties across bingo, gaming, general betting, lottery, machine gaming, pool betting and remote gaming. The lottery duty contributed £967m whilst the remote gaming duty paid by online operators contributed £705m. (Source: HM Revenues & Customs)

6) 50% of Online Gamblers Use Their Mobile To Gamble

Increased usage of mobile is a general trend in modern day consumer behaviour and gambling is no different. Products are increasingly designed with a mobile first approach and greater coverage of live sport has seen a growing trend of live betting on mobile. (Source: UKGC Gambling Participation in 2019)

7) Online Gamblers Have An Average of 3 Accounts

The 10.5 million people who gamble online have a lot of choice in the marketplace and on average have 3 different online accounts. (Source: UKGC Gambling Participation in 2019)

8) 3 Million People Have Had A Bet On A Football Match

Having a bet on a football match or a horse race is a popular betting activity and UKGC data shows that between April 2018 and March 2019, 3 million people had a bet on a football match.  (Source: UK Gambling Commission)

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