Avoid Common Betting Mistakes


Sports betting is a popular form of entertainment enjoyed by millions of people all over the world.

When we place a bet, we naturally expect to win since we each believe that we can predict the correct outcome of a sporting event. It’s fun when we’re proven right, not so fun we’re proven wrong.

We all win some and we all lose some, the important thing is to stay in control and try to avoid common betting mistakes. Doing so will help you enjoy your betting and make it a sustainable pass-time.

Our team have put together a list of some common betting mistakes:

Not keeping track of your bets – we all remember the winners and tend to forget the losers. Keeping track of every single bet placed is the only way to determine if you make money on sports betting. Many leading operators provide tools in your Account section to help make it easier for you to see all your winning and losing bets.

Trying to win back what you just lost – one of the most common mistakes that some players make is to try to win back the stake that they just lost. Such a decision is only based on emotion and can be the starting point for developing problematic betting behaviour. Accept the loss and move on, there will be more opportunities in the days and weeks ahead.

Trusting the information of others – the rise of social media & sports tipping sites has meant that there is a lot of so-called ‘experts’ out there proclaiming detailed knowledge on many sports. Many of these are far from being experts and will give you poorly thought out advice. The only person to really trust is yourself and your own decision-making process.

Betting and drinking – a lot of us have probably done it a few times but betting under the influence of alcohol is never a good thing to do. Your decision making will be impaired and you will make bad bets based on emotion. If you’re going out drinking and concerned that you may start betting on your phone, why not set a time out limit of 24 hours on your account to ensure you avoid any reckless betting which you may regret the next day.

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