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My Experience betting on Super Saturday

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July 4th 2020 – Betting is back and who knew it would be such a momentous day on all fronts.

I’ve had enough of this Coronavirus.

Having been in lockdown for more than 3 months, I just had to fire off a whatsapp message to the lads about all getting together again to go down the pub.

Before you start thinking – social distancing, hand washing, masks etc – I had reconciled it all in my head, as a 26 year old living on my own and not in contact with any ‘at risk’ people, I just had to get out. I had done the risk assessment in my head and the numbers came out good. To be honest my main concern was how many of the lads would turn out to go drinking with me.

Not only was it Super Saturday for the reopening of pubs and seeing my mates again, it was also Derby Day! The most prestigious of all the English racing classics and the most important British flat race of all. My excitement was double with the Oaks being on the same day.

All of the above was racing (pardon the pun) through my mind as I was sat at home last Friday evening but I felt if ever a day needed a plan then it was going to be Super Saturday.

With the return of pubs and sports, betting is back in full swing

Alcohol is alcohol, lads are lads, but I was thinking more about my betting strategy for the next day. Prior to Corona, I use to bet on a regular basis every weekend – Premier League accas, some live betting, some horse racing and the odd bet on the US sports – but during lockdown I didn’t miss having a bet at all. If there’s no sports on then there is nothing to bet on (I had no fking interest in Belarusian football, like seriously!)

Thankfully I haven’t lost my job during this Corona shit-show but I’ve decided that I’m going to be more cautious with spending on non-essential things. So, on Friday night I logged into my Coral account, deposited £50 and set a deposit limit of £20 for the next 48 hours. I usually only bet £5 a time but wanted to set the deposit limit as sometimes I’ve been known to get a bit drunk at the weekend and then bet more than I should.

To be honest I’ve never set deposit limits on my account before, but the recent TV ads around responsible gambling triggered me to do it. It is a good feature and something which I will probably use again if I’m planning on drinking and betting.

Ok, so what happened on Saturday?

Well we all met up around 2ish, eight of us, all doing rounds, all drinking at pace, all preying on the weakest J

By the time the Derby started we were down 3 guys who went to McDonalds and never came back!

Good fun, after a 25/1 winner of the Derby, I made good use of the deposit limits. I tried to deposit more but when I got blocked on the limit then I just couldn’t be bothered and knew it was enough betting for the day.

Super Saturday really was a momentous day but so too was Shaking Sunday and hopefully everything will soon be back to normal!

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